Electrical Equipment Test & Tag

Electrical Equipment Test and Tag

Failure due to Rodent chewing on insulation and exposing internal wiring.

Inspection of leads and appliances for evidence of misuse, or damage from the environment they are located in and testing of the equipments internal integrity, via a series of tests using the most advanced appliance tester on the market.

  • 90 % of all failures are picked up in the visual inspection.
  • Damage can occur to leads and equipment from rodents either chewing on leads or living in appliances
  • An appliance can be new and still fail due to poor manufacturing quality control
  • In the event of an electrical incident at the workplace, if it is deemed that you have failed on your duty of care as the person in control of the workplace, you could be faced with a hefty fine or jail time.  As well as the real possibility of voiding any insurance policies.  This has real and detrimental effects on relationships and business viability.