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Onsite inspection and testing of portable appliances

Asset register and departmental tracking

Minimal disruption to the workplace

Automatic retest scheduling & Much More

Our service lifts a burden on your electrical WH&S obligations

We travel anywhere in North Queensland to service our clients’ test and tag needs.  (Port Douglas, Mossman, Smithfield, Northern Beaches, Cairns, Babinda, Innisfail, Tully, Cardwell, Ingham, Townsville, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Ravenshoe, Milla Milla, Malanda, Yungaburra, Atherton, Dimbulah, Chillagoe)

Work safe, Home safe, NORSAFE


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Test & Tag Cairns | About Us

QLD Restricted Electrical Licence No. 84669
Company Name: The trustee for HR Jonsson Trust trading as Norsafe
ABN: 94 611 528 663

Norsafe Test & Tag is based in Cairns, Far North Queensland and is primarily an Electrical Test and Tag company.  We currently perform Test & Tag services in North Queensland to Australian Standard for Companies, Businesses and Self Employed persons in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act.

Work Safe, Home Safe, NORSAFE

Norsafe Test & Tag is directed by people who have an acute passion for safety.  It was formed to supply an ever increasing demand for safety services required by business owners, organizations and Government Departments etc and to reverse a noticeable lack of attention to detail observed by so called “Industry professionals”, who claim to be performing inspections, to Australian Standard.

Through working in the mining, transport, farming, retail and construction industries, the Director, Heidi Jonsson, has developed a proactive attitude toward safety systems and procedures and can see how they protect lives.  “I have seen, first hand, the devastating effects on families, loved ones and businesses, when an individual is hurt or killed at work.  The effects are far reaching and last a long time.  My burning desire is to protect as many people as I can, so none of my clients and their employees have to feel these effects.  If I can save just one life, by eliminating an electrical hazard from the workplace, all this hard work will have been worth it!  I already feel like I have saved someone’s life.”

Norsafe Test & Tag strives toward the safety and well being of people and the environment.  We take pride in a job well done and aim to successfully achieve positive results by minimizing costs and utilizing innovative technologies and methodologies for the benefit of the customer and the community.

Our clients range from large construction companies, nursing homes, schools, small offices, tradesmen, clubs and even electricians.  In fact a lot of our work is for electrical contractors who are simply too busy or not interested in doing test and tag.  All our clients have a proactive attitude toward their safety requirements and appreciate the service that we can provide them.

Currently we travel within North Queensland to service our clients’ needs.  (Port Douglas, Mossman, Smithfield, Northern Beaches, Cairns, Babinda, Innisfail, Tully, Cardwell, Ingham, Townsville, Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Ravenshoe, Milla Milla, Malanda, Yungaburra, Atherton, Dimbulah, Chillagoe)
Norsafe is looking to expand our operations further afield and is willing and able to travel to just about any location within Australia should you require a top notch service for a competitive price.

We look forward to long and successful partnerships with our clients, and lifting a burden on safety obligations.

Test & Tag Cairns | FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Test and Tag?
Why do I have to get Test & Tag done?
Do You Do Repairs?

What is Test and Tag?
Electrical Test and Tag is a process whereby each individual item of equipment is inspected for potentially life threatening faults.  These inspections are mandatory for all businesses and self employed persons for compliance with Workplace Health and Safety laws.
The equipment’s integrity then tested using the most advanced testing equipment on the market, which will in most cases identify if the item has and unseen internal faults.  The equipment is either passed or failed and data is entered into the tester to identify the equipment such as type, make, serial number and location.
Failed equipment is removed from service and can be taken to a certified electrical contractor for repair and returned to your premises usually within 24 hours.
The data  captured during testing  is transferred to a register for you to keep on hand in the event of an inspection or electrical incident.   The reporting system can be totally paperless and therefore better for the environment.
Norsafe is proud to offer this service and peace of mind to Northern businesses, that they are fulfilling their Duty of Care and protecting staff, visitors AND their business.

Why do I have to get Test & Tag done?
In business there are rules and regulations that govern the way in which we conduct our business.
Whether we like it or not, Workplace, health and safety laws are designed to keep the workplace free from accidents and protect the business owner from the risk of litigation.  The penalties for non compliance vary depending on the degree of non compliance and are extreme, in the event of an incident, where the person in charge of the workplace is deemed to be negligent and failing on their duty of care.
We at Norsafe are passionate about saving lives.  We will do our best to inform and free your workplace of any potentially life threatening electrical hazards, before they manifest themselves into business threatening incidents.

Does NORSAFE do repairs?
Norsafe does not do repair work.
We prefer to use the services of qualified local electrical contractors.
If you have failed equipment you wish to have repaired, we will happily arrange for repair of your gear by your local electrical contractor, and have the equipment returned to you ASAP, generally within 2 working days.
Just part of the fabulous service you will receive, and all in the name of lifting a burden from your electrical safety responsibilities.


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